Boys Varsity Basketball · T.R.I.B.E. Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our T.R.I.B.E. Athletes of the Month! Junior cheerleader, Kierra Thomas, and Senior basketball player, Tyson Jackson, were selected by the Creekside coaching staff for best exhibiting the attributes of the T.R.I.B.E.:

Teamwork – Cooperation toward a common goal
Responsibility – Being accountable for things within your control
Integrity – Unwavering moral character
Balance – Management of academics, athletics, and other aspirations
Excellence – High quality effort

Kierra is a part of the AVID program and plans to study biology to ultimately become a surgeon.  Tyson looks to major in psychology, while continuing his basketball career at the next level.  He is weighing offers from University of Georgia, University of Alabama, and University of South Florida, to name a few.

Both Kierra and Tyson were acknowledged for being coachable and being leaders among their peers.  When asked why it is important for student-athletes to step up as leaders, their answers were similar.  “It’s good to hear correction from a teammate’s perspective and not just the coach all of the time.  It might come across differently,” Tyson said.  Kierra agreed stating, “when advice comes from your teammates, sometimes it’s easier to take in.”  More importantly than what they say, these students are leaders by the example they set for their respective teams and Creekside High School.