Seminoles News · Wrestler Tre Diggs Signs with Benedictine College


While Creekside traditionally has a long list of scholarship student-athletes, it’s not often that we see a wrestler earn that accomplishment.  Today, Treveonta Diggs became the second wrestler in school history to take his talents to the next level, as he’ll be attending Benedictine College in the fall.  Tre grew up watching his uncles wrestle, but only tried the sport for himself in 10th grade.  As he fell in love wrestling, he had the opportunity to be mentored along by his uncles and Creekside’s only other scholarship wrestler, Jakaree Garrison.

Jakaree recently completed his career at Truett-McConnell College.  Tre said, “The best thing Jakaree taught me was how to be patient. I learned not to be so uptight because, at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun.”  Just as Tre has followed Jakaree’s legacy, there will be future wrestlers who look up to him.  When asked if he had advice for his younger teammates Tre stated, “Commit to the ‘C’ and trust the process.  If you work your hardest every day, on and off the mat, it’s going to pay off regardless.”  We are extremely proud of Tre and look forward to being new fans of the Benedictine Ravens.