Seminoles News · Order of the Arrow – Scholar Athletes

Each year, the top 10% of Creekside’s graduating class is given the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Order of the Arrow.  The Class of 2021 honorees are an extremely well-rounded group who participate in a variety of school clubs, activities, and athletics.  Among those student-athletes are Star Senior, Dhruv Patel, and Valedictorian, Jacquez Johnson.  Recently, they were asked how athletics has been a benefit to their academic journey at Creekside.  Dhruv stated, “It boosts your morale and gives you a chance to take your mind off of things and then refocus on academics.”  Jacquez agreed adding, “Tennis and other sports teach you how to focus. It translates to the classroom because you learn to focus on important parts of the lesson.”

Chyna Evans competes in dance, track, and soccer.  She emphasized the life skills that she has gained as a student-athlete.  Chyna said, “Athletics has taught me sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to manage my time well.  It’s taught me to strategize to get everything done.”

Another multi-sport athlete, Raymond Brown, explained, “Doing a lot of sports actually made it easier to handle harder classes.  It makes you pay more attention in class. You have to be quick and it keeps you on your toes.  It’s the same way in sports.  Being able to handle a lot mentally in sports also helps you to be able to do that in the classroom.”

We would like to congratulate all of the Order of the Arrow, and especially those who pushed through the challenges of this school year to excel academically and athletically.

Jacquez Johnson – Tennis

Dhruv Patel – Tennis

Madison Williams – Volleyball

Shaquira Walcott – Volleyball

Christian Bell – Soccer

Jade Bender – Soccer

Connie Carter – Volleyball

Dominic Haughton – Soccer

Raymond Brown – Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, Track

Chyna Evans – Competition Dance, Track, Soccer